Logo Design Principles

Your logo communicates the visual identity of your brand.  It is the quintessential representation of your company’s name and image.  With such a responsibility, it is therefore worthy of your thought and attention so that its primary role to engender a sense of trust and professionalism is achieved. Today I offer three principles that have …

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A Brief Tip for Email Security

A professor once said that there are three essential matters you must address or encounter as an IT professional – security, security and security.  It matters not if your domain of specialty is in network administration, database design, or web development, there remains an imperative on the part of the IT specialist that data is …

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Make Time to Back Up: Consider Google Drive

It is often said that there will come a time when our workstations would fail us. Computers can crash, network systems do fail, and as reliable as you may deem your phone or tablet to be, they too can fail. It is therefore incumbent on us as responsible digital citizens to make every effort now …

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