Gregory Bowrin

Gregory is a freelance web developer and founder of Genesis Creatives - a web design company that specializes in web development, e-commerce and graphic design. In his spare time he enjoys the fine arts, cooking, and being inspired by the aesthetic beauty of St. Kitts and Nevis.

The Importance of Passwords in Email Security

Email Security

This month has seen some challenges with respect to email security and so I wish to share some information today on this topic. Email security is an increasingly important aspect of our digital lives, as email accounts are often used for sensitive communication and to store personal and financial information. One of the most crucial […]

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Social Media Content Creation

Social Media Content Creation, St. Kitts Nevis

There is a considerable buzz around social media content creation and as the web rapidly evolves, so too are the names and titles we assign to a growing myriad of tasks.  Today we’ll take a brief look at social media content creation and find out what it is and what this work entails as it

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Web Security: Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

During the long-gone days of graduate studies, one of my more humorous professors would walk into the lecture hall with his Earl Grey tea and boldly proclaim that his course was the most important course of the program.  He said there were only 3 things we had to remember with regards to best practices in

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7 Advantages of E-Commerce Websites

E-Commerce websites, Caribbean, St. Kitts, Nevis

The New Year presents a distinctive moment for businesses to think about the future and to forge new strategies for continued growth and expansion. Businesses of small island states in the Caribbean like St. Kitts and Nevis are literally born into this mindset, as survival and longevity are integral components for any company to thrive

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Accepting Online Payments

Accepting Online Payments, St. Kitts Nevis

As the state of e-commerce in the Caribbean continues to evolve into increased adoption and usage, questions are posed by merchants as to its implementation and setup.  One of the more common questions I receive from current website owners is: “Would I need a whole new website in order to accept online payments?”  Essentially, many

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Digital Marketing and E-Commerce

Digital Marketing

Throughout this blog emphasis is made about the benefits of e-commerce and how it can serve to propel a business forward in terms of sales, convenience, and added value to the customer or end user.   Today I would like to share some thoughts about a very distinctive and complimentary partner of e-commerce: Digital Marketing.  

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E-Commerce Models

E-Commerce Models

The global outlook on E-Commerce continues to show increased adoption and integration into many facets of the business landscape.  It must be underscored that this does not lie solely within the domain of the large economies of the U.S., Europe, China or Japan.  The same holds true for our Caribbean economies of which St. Kitts

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Logo Design Principles

Your logo communicates the visual identity of your brand.  It is the quintessential representation of your company’s name and image.  With such a responsibility, it is therefore worthy of your thought and attention so that its primary role to engender a sense of trust and professionalism is achieved. Today I offer three principles that have

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A Brief Tip for Email Security

A professor once said that there are three essential matters you must address or encounter as an IT professional – security, security and security.  It matters not if your domain of specialty is in network administration, database design, or web development, there remains an imperative on the part of the IT specialist that data is

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